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Harness the Power of Your Knowledge Resources

Your company's knowledge resources are a lot like the Forces of Nature. When harnessed and controlled they're a powerful energy resource. When out of control, they can be devastating.


Are you tapping into this natural energy source that's created, paid for, and owned by your company? Businesses that align their information resources with their strategic goals experience both immediate and long-term results - increased productivity, streamlined operations, and greater exploitation of revenue generating opportunities. Companies that mismanage or neglect their resources are often burdened with costly mistakes that quickly erode the bottom line.


Harness the Power of Your Knowledge Resources


So, get the competitive edge and maximize your knowledge resources today. Be more profitable, knowledgeable, and intelligent -- It's simply a matter of Harnessing the Power. For more information, call Solution Quest today.



We're Content Management Specialists

Content management is the science of streamlining business operations and automating work processes to Harness the Power of your Knowledge Resources - including documents, data, Web sites, portals, images, and audio and video files from new and legacy sources.


How We Save You Money

Our goal is to optimize your business practices, while eliminating inefficient procedures that cost you time, energy, sales, and customer confidence. Achieving a powerful system is a seamless, 3-step collaborative process:

  •  Identifying your true business drivers, industry fundamentals, and best business practices to build a solid foundation for your organization's future.
  •  Applying our content management expertise to architect a solution that controls the cost of developing, operating, maintaining, and adopting new technology for the future.
  •  Implementing an automated system that delivers intelligent and timely decision making and information sharing.

Mission Statement


  • Define and implement a strategic approach that enables content to actively promote your business initiatives.
  • Streamline the management of content, and architect solutions that support your organization's key business initiatives and plans for the future.
  • Implement easy-to-adopt systems that create immediate value from your technology investments, which compounds over time.

Who We Are


Solution Quest (SQ), a New Jersey-based consulting firm specializing in content management, was established in 1993 and services the Global 2000.


At SQ, we believe that proper management of a corporation's content is key to achieving a distinct competitive advantage, with increased profits and a focus on business initiatives. We pride ourselves on providing a single, fully integrated Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system for our clients that oversees complex, highly transactional, and disparate processes in an efficient and practical manner.


In the past decade, we have implemented content management solutions for large international firms. These Web-enabled knowledge management and document management systems drive proactive decision making and the expansion of markets and revenue opportunities.


Our expertise in content management and information technology starts with our Principals, who share 40 years of IT experience, while our consultants average more than 12 years experience. In addition, we have 10 years experience in industries regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Food and Drug Administration. We also have expertise in 21 CFR Part 11, SOPs, validated systems, and rigorous project management methodologies. Because of our in-depth expertise, we offer clients a full range of services for the most demanding and challenging projects.


Our strong professional partnerships and relationships with tier-one industry specialists expand the depth and breadth of the support we provide our clients, including product design and architecture expertise on complex projects and systems.


How We Operate


Project Execution Methodology - Teamwork from Start to Finish

We employ a rigorous project management methodology on all our projects based on a combination of leading best practice frameworks. To help meet your company's requirements and objectives we either use our own methodology or adopt and adapt to your company's methodology.


We achieve your goals through a highly structured approach that also allows flexibility for any changes during the project. To be sure we're in touch with your needs at all times, we bring together the SQ team of project managers, systems analysts, software engineers, programmers, and technical writers to collaborate with your team to define and execute the plan of operation.


The SQ team communicates with your Core Team in all phases of the project through working sessions, design reviews, and documentation approvals designed to keep key players in synch. Our philosophy is to have "no surprises," which we achieve by being consistently open and responsive to your feedback, ideas, and concerns.

Methodologies Breakdown


Business Process Analysis - How it All Begins

At Solution Quest, strategic management of content is our primary focus. It is our ability to analyze your business process as it relates to your content that sets us apart from our competition. Everything that is important about your content must either be derived from or contribute to your business process.


If not, there will be a fundamental flaw in the assertions about the content, which will lead to anomalies and user resistance over time. The best assurance for successful implementations is management that's supported by sound business process. Your stakeholders provide key information for effectively analyzing that process.


System Development Framework - Keeping the Team on Track

To assure client satisfaction, we utilize a common framework, methodology, and tools, supported by a stringent measurement system that improves predictability and control. True satisfaction can only be achieved by meeting or exceeding your expectations in the following four areas, which are the primary focus of our projects:


  • functionality
  • quality
  • timeline
  • budget

Here's a rundown of the project phases, as well as what to expect during the process of meeting your goals:


Scope Definition - In the initial project team meeting we jointly examine what your company needs as well as the problems you're hoping to solve. We explore those issues in-depth, as well as your business process, so we can apply our content management and information technology (IT) expertise to identify exactly what needs to be done.


We'll discuss your potential budget, schedule, deployment, risks, and opportunities so you can make a better choice on which projects you're willing to undertake. Once the major objectives are agreed upon, we create the high-level project plan, which spells out the level of effort, resource requirements, and milestones

Requirements Gathering - As we gather and analyze your user, system, cost, schedule, technology, and other requirements, we create a unified set of functional requirements for the project, as outlined in the scope phase. We reaffirm your key objectives to determine the solution direction that's right for your business. This is the optimum time for true business process improvement and cost savings for your company, therefore we incorporate a cost-benefit analysis before starting the design phase.


Recognizing that various stakeholders on your team may have conflicting priorities, we acknowledge and record their differences from the outset and anticipate which parts of the project will need more attention to achieve consensus building, mutual satisfaction, and high quality results.

Solution Design - During the design phase we architect a solution based on your requirements and constraints, as defined during the scope phase. We work with your team to comply with your existing standards and procedures. Our focus is to leverage your existing systems and platform through integration, while minimizing your maintenance and operating burden. We intentionally limit custom code and proprietary technologies to facilitate efficient maintenance and future growth.


Jointly, we define testing and training requirements for your team and design a customized deployment plan which facilitates a user-friendly training experience and a smooth adoption to standard operations. Once we create the detailed project plan, we submit it for feedback and approval.

Development - As we install hardware and software and build integrations we follow best practices and document them. We engage your technical staff so they can fine tune their skills and make a smooth transition with minimal disruption. Your company's input about our working prototypes is crucial to helping us make the correct adjustments to various parts of the project. If, at any time, you are unhappy with any phase of the operation, we are more than willing to examine what needs to be changed or revised.

Testing - Testing is primarily defined during the design phase when we determined the intricacies of the system and formulated how to automate your requirements. During the testing phase, key members of your team are involved with writing, executing, and recording the test and its results. This collaborative effort helps detect potential problems and keep the project on track in case any corrections need to be made. Testing varies greatly depending on the importance of the system and its governing regulations. We encourage your feedback as you evaluate how the system is working for you.

Deployment -The deployment phase is the realization of the interdependencies and constraints between your new system and its impact on the rest of your organization and its work processes. This phase is characterized by final acceptance and the execution of a comprehensive deployment protocol. Your satisfaction is paramount in our minds as we strive to meet our mutual goal of keeping your project on track, on budget, and on time.

Operations - We ensure that your application continues to function as planned and that any errors are corrected. We also institute documentation procedures as well as version and change controls, so you can take utmost advantage of the new application. Should you have any questions about how the new system operates, we are available to provide answers and to assist in any way we can.

Client Satisfaction Assurance and Project Controls


  • SQ Project Management - Focusing on Understanding Your Business
    Many systems fail because very competent IT solutions are implemented around poorly defined or incorrect business processes. Our goal is to genuinely understand the business process your company wants to automate rather than force-fit a cookie cutter solution to your unique problems. The key to successful IT solutions is to understand the business process, define the problem and identify the requirements before an IT solution is prescribed.

    Your input is critical in helping the project get off to a good start. Once we have your agreement about the scope of the project, we provide the highest level of project management, from the simplest assignments to the most complex global implementations.

  • SQ Phase Reviews - We conclude each project phase with a review of key deliverables and performance so you can detect and correct any deviations from plan in a proactive and cost-effective manner. Your team will also decide if we should continue to the next phase, based on the current status of your project. During phase reviews, you have the opportunity to fine tune the project plan to incorporate any changes and additions, or to improve the results accomplished so far. This process instills confidence that all requests are heard and addressed in a timely manner.

  • SQ Project Management Protocol Guide - Your Road Map for Success
    The most successful ventures are those that can put a "box" around a defined project scope, requirements, deliverables, and performance measures. To ensure that your needs are met, we take the many components of your project and shape them into an understandable road map that illustrates what's required for a successful implementation.

    From the outset SQ provides you with a written guide with our best practices and working processes, including status and issue reporting, documentation standards, distribution mechanisms, and change order requests. We manage your project's information and communications in our SQ Project Management Repository to promote and control collaboration and information sharing. The SQ Repository provides flexible security levels, and effective search, collaboration, and retrieval processes, as well as the ability to deliver project documents such as status reports to appropriate team members.

    With the combination of this state-of-the-art content management tool and Solution Quest's methodology, all your project information -- from a 2-line lab note to a huge design deliverable can be queried, referenced, and reused. This enhances your team's ability to track and contribute to the project as it evolves.

  • SQ Project Team - Collaboration is the Key
    Solution Quest is your technical partner in every aspect of a project. Because of our vast IT knowledge as well as our hands-on experience managing projects and collaborating closely with our clients, we know how to use technology to most effectively meet your needs.

    At the beginning of each assignment we work with your team to determine the appropriate mix of client/contractor expertise, resource allocation, and workload leveling. A complete team roster is created, identifying every member's roles and responsibilities, along with relevant contact information. A project repository is then configured by SQ to manage all project information and facilitate collaboration.

  • SQ Project Management Repository and Applications - Making the Most of Software
    SQ utilizes many tools in managing your projects. The SQ Project Management Repository controls documentation deliverables and provides version control, access, and security so your project information can be shared in the intended secure manner. Microsoft Project is used for project scheduling, resource planning, task status and general project plan collaboration. Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and Visio) is for file creation and editing, and Adobe Acrobat is used to render PDF files, which makes documents available to people who don't have the native application.

  • SQ Project Documentation and Technical Writing - Guidance for the Future
    Solution Quest provides technical writing services as part of its rigorous project management methodologies. We document and provide several key project deliverables that highlight your business requirements and the implemented solutions, including, but not limited to: Quality Assurance Plans; Configuration Management Plans; Risk Assessment Plans; Requirements Specifications; Design Specifications; Standard Operating Procedures; IQ/OQ/PQs; Acceptance Test Plans; and Closeout Reports. The benefits of this intense documentation are obvious - smoother operations during all phases of the project as well as far into the future.

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