Channeling the Energy of Ideas
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Solution CUE


Rate yourself on the Solution CUE to assess your
Content Utilization Energy.

Are you Channeling the Energy of Your Ideas,
or Drowning in Your Content?

Your company's potential is directly linked to how well you capitalize on business knowledge throughout your enterprise. A well-designed content management system leverages your intellectual capital to its greatest advantage, producing ultimate value from your information, documents, Web sites, portals, data files, images, and audio and video files.



Whether your organization measures it or not, poorly managed content is costing you plenty as it steadily erodes your bottom line. Lost sales, lower productivity, decreased customer confidence and employee morale are just some of the hidden money pits caused by poor content management systems.


To see how your company stacks up, rate yourself on the Solution CUE -- Content Utilization Energy. Your score indicates where you should channel your energy to maximize value from your knowledge resources.


The following questions are broken into categories to help you pinpoint your areas of strength and challenges. Each question has a potential value of 1-4, with 1 representing frequently and 4 meaning rarely.

Introducing Solution CUE, a self-assessment tool for discovering your content utilization efficiency.

Find out whether you're getting maximum value from your knowledge resources or where you should channel your energy for the best return on your investment.

Take the Solution CUE challenge today!

Rate your company in the following areas of content management.
Each question has a potential value of 1-4,
with 1 representing frequently and 4 meaning rarely


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Complete Records Management:
1. Is your staff drowning in paperwork? Overwhelmed by minutiae?
2. Are you inadvertently automating bad business practices?
3. Are your review and approval cycles delaying your projects?
4. Are you having trouble determining the most recent version of valuable data?
5. Is your data storage out of control?
Knowledge Management:
6. Are you saving more data than you know how to use?
7. Are you making bad decisions based on outdated information?
8. Does your company have valuable data you don’t know about or can’t access in a timely manner?
9. Are you losing out on opportunities to “push” important information to your clients or employees?  
Content Delivery:
10. Are important e-mails getting lost or erased?
11. Is your Web site hopelessly out of date?
12. Are you struggling to find documents on your company’s Web portal?
13. Is your competitive responsiveness slipping due to sluggish communications and outdated practices?
Digital Asset Management:
14. Are your branding and marketing messages inconsistent and confusing?
15. Do remote sales teams and regional and international offices have timely access to new graphics and promotional materials?
16. Is version control a nightmare because of so many graphic elements and loosely controlled procedures?
Access and Security:
17. Are you afraid your company’s confidential information isn’t well protected
18. Are your “need to know” access guidelines poorly defined?
19. Are your security measures more of a burden than a benefit?
Litigation Avoidance:
20. Do you risk litigation because of lax correspondence and communications policies?
21. Are you worried about liability because confidential information isn’t secure?
22. Are you at risk because of inconsistent or informal business policies and practices?
23. Are you facing litigation because your company didn’t examine potential problems?
24. Are your current systems increasing your liability risk?
Compliance and Auditing:
25. Do you have difficulty proving who signed off on what, and when?
26. Are different versions of the same document circulating for review and approval?
27. Do you have trouble keeping track of change orders?
Business Continuity:
28. Are you concerned about a potential system crash and subsequent loss of data and time to recover?
29. Are you worried that your disaster recovery plan won’t stand up in a real emergency?
30. Can you manage your scheduled and unscheduled downtime effectively?

Test Results

Rating Scale -

If your total score equals

Indicators of Performance

1 - 40

Storm Warning

You're currently in need of content management solutions before costly mistakes erode your bottom line.

Projects are consistently over budget and late, with loss of important documents and data, inability to assign ownership, too many e-mails, too much information, and no disaster recovery plans.

41 - 80

Changeable Skies,
Partly Cloudy

You're adequately managing your knowledge resources, but may need help preparing for future requirements or extending the use of your knowledge resources.

Projects usually follow timelines, but meet with some delays caused by cumbersome retrieval of information/data, access and security issues, and concerns about version control.

81 - 120

Bright Future,
the Sky's
the Limit.

You're ahead of the game, experiencing a hefty return on your knowledge investment. The next step is to expand and fine tune so you can reap even higher rewards.

Projects consistently follow timelines and budgets; actuals are in balance, information is easily found, change tracking and ownership is simple, and confidential information is secure.

Solution CUE


Test Results

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